Founded on 1st June 2009, Venyleos CompuSpace is an MQA Approved Training Center specialized in IT and Multimedia Training. All our courses are MQA approved and are delivered by qualified and experienced trainers.

Our primary philosophy and purpose has been to provide the finest quality training and on-demand customized support and services for most of the desktop productivity tools. We work with our students to understand their needs and deliver the right training programme for them.

We are proud of our heritage of working with each student on an individualized basis and can undoubtedly say that our students get more than a class; they get our strong determination and support to broaden their perspectives and enhance their skills to sustain in this ever-evolving, globally competitive market. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective training for individuals looking to expand their IT skills in their current professions or looking to take the first step toward new careers. The variety of learning options allows students to learn in the manner that best suits their schedule, budget, learning style and expertise.

We offer a wide-ranging set of courses designed to improve your computer, business and technical knowledge.

Venyleos CompuSpace gets you on the right track for your future by providing the most complete & updated training services.


To facilitate access of recognised courses and to produce highly competent professionals.


To become the leading Training Institution in the region of Port Louis and aspiring to occupy a national position by providing quality training and empowering large numbers of students and professionals.


Safeguarding, Prevent, Equality and Diversity
Venyleos CompuSpace Ltd employees and management are committed to building a culture of safety and doing everything we can to reduce risks and keep learners safe, well informed and aware. This is placed at the top of our priorities and the heart of our business and we look to businesses and government bodies to support us in achieving this key objective.

To be an open and transparent institution, keeping people informed via our website, marketing materials, and most importantly through direct communication. Through open dialogue with our customers, we welcome feedback and recognise the value this has to our institution in helping us to improve how we work and the services we offer.

Quality and raising standards are paramount in everything that we do. Through our partnerships with employers, government bodies and individuals; we aim to offer high-quality training courses that both challenge and stretch our learners throughout their chosen courses. The quality of teaching and learning at our institution is a top priority and with robust quality checks and ongoing support, we are committed to achieving excellent provision for all of our clients

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, from designing and delivering training solutions to incorporating new ways of making our training programmes relevant in an ever-changing world.

We provide training courses for employers and learners designed to meet their needs, offering excellent value both financially and materially. From the feedback we have received from learners and businesses, our training has had a considerable positive impact on companies and careers. We aim to continue this with the new standards, placing good value products and services at the core.

Our trainers and management team have extensive knowledge and experience and are kept up to date through their continuous professional development. We have 12 years experience of in the training industry, and we understand the value of excellent relationships with employers, businesses and governments bodies to encourage and support the best possible training and delivery models.

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